New Mario Kart 8 TV commercials released

Nintendo of America has released two new Mario Kart 8 commercials.

One of them focuses on the ability to drive up and down waterfalls in the Wii U game, while the other is centred on the Piranha Plant power-up.

As noted in our recent Mario Kart 8 preview, driving near an opponent or coin not only makes the Piranha Plant reach out and eat them, it also gives players a speed boost when it retracts into its pot.

This extra speed and its 'destroy everything in its path' properties make it similar to the star power-up, but it does have its own unique strengths and weaknesses too. Unlike the star, the Piranha Plant's reach means players don't have to worry about driving directly into an enemy to damage them. However, as it doesn't make them entirely invulnerable, they're still susceptible to attacks from behind and still slow down on grass.

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In our Mario Kart 8 review, we hailed it as "a multiplayer event showcasing Nintendo doing what it does best: bashing your expectations (which should already have been lofty) into dust and then rebuilding them anew into something bigger and better than you had imagined."

A Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition package is available to pre-order now ahead of the Mario Kart 8 release date of May 30.


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