Tecmo Koei aims for million-plus Hyrule Warriors sales

Dynasty Warriors/Zelda mash-up hits Japan in summer 2014

Tecmo Koei hopes to sell more than one million copies of Hyrule Warriors, its Wii U collaboration which mashes up Zelda's world and Dynasty Warriors' crowd-clearing play style.

The title is planned to release this summer in Japan and sometime this year in the rest of the world.

Tecmo Koei Games president Yoichi Erikawa told Nikkei Trendy (translated by Nintendo Everything) that the worldwide popularity of the Zelda franchise will drive sales.


"In addition to our Warriors series fan base, Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda is also a very popular series with a large fan base, and I think it will become a great new market," Erikawa said. "Because of The Legend of Zelda's legion of fans overseas, we are aiming to sell more than one million copies worldwide."

Nintendo announced the game in December 2013. Although it is being referred to as Hyrule Warriors, at the time Nintendo said this was a working title.

Erikawa said Tecmo Koei is also planning to support other collaborations with television shows, comics, and movies, some of which will center around the new Fatal Frame announced for Wii U in April.