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PS Now beta expands to PS4 Tuesday

More invites to streaming service heading out soon

The PlayStation Now private beta will expand to PS4 on Tuesday in the US, Sony announced Monday.


The streaming game service was previously limited to PlayStation 3, though it is scheduled to release on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and certain Bravia TVs sometime this year. The firm also revealed that it will send out more invites to the beta program soon; users can register their interest here.

Revealed at CES in January, PS Now will stream PS3 games to PlayStation systems, Bravia TVs and, in the future, other Sony and non-Sony devices. More games from across the PlayStation hardware family will follow.

Users can rent games for one, seven, or 30 days using PS Now. Alternatively, a yet-to-be-revealed subscription will provide full access to the streaming library.

Sony will launch the service in North America this summer. It has been reported that the PS Now European launch won't occur until the first quarter of 2015.

The first PS Now-compatible television sets will hit North America in June.