The Walking Dead GOTY edition for PS4 and Xbox One listed by several retailers

Three online retailers have next-gen reissues listed for a July release

The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition has been listed for both PS4 and Xbox One on three separate online retail outlets.

GameStop was the first outlet to list the edition back in April, but now both Amazon and Gamefly have next-gen versions scheduled for a late July release.


While the current listings could be placeholders, a Telltale representative told CVG in December that the company "will be on [PS4 and Xbox One] at some point in the future".

"We haven't announced when or what, we're very platform agnostic here," Job Stauffer said.

"The games that you play on Xbox and PC are the very same games as what we put on your telephone and iPad. And that's what really what's worked for Walking Dead and for a lot of our stuff in the past and moving forward."

The Walking Dead Season 2 is currently rolling out, with the third episode In Harm's Way available this week.

The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition features all five episodes in the first season as well as the 400 Days DLC pack.