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Wasteland 2 to release 'end of August'

Kickstarter-funded RPG reboot gets firm release window

Wasteland 2 will release by the end of August, studio inXile Entertainment has confirmed.

Originally scheduled for an October 2013 release, the Kickstarter funded project was delayed indefinitely last year due to the game's growing scope.


"What we're releasing is a game of much greater scope than we ever dreamed of when starting our Kickstarter," the studio wrote on its Kickstarter page.

"More features, more areas, more reactivity, more words, all thanks to you for funding our game and for giving us the time needed to finish it. My goal has been to over deliver on your expectations for Wasteland 2."

While the game is 'feature complete', the studio will continue to tweak until the game's release in August.

"It is important for us to stay flexible for iterations as we keep learning from the backer beta. For instance, we'll be tweaking the skill usage density and variety our game levels, and adding some smaller lines and skill-paths."

The game's Kickstarter campaign originally needed $900,000, but total pledges have reached nearly $3 million. Thanks to the Kickstarter success, inExile enlisted Obsidian to help develop the title.

Wasteland was a 1988 PC RPG which heavily influenced the Fallout series.