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Tomodachi Life will come with 2 free trial codes

'Welcome Version' lets additional users sample the game free of charge

Tomodachi Life buyers will receive two free trial codes to distribute to friends, Nintendo of Europe announced on Wednesday.

The codes, which will come with both the physical and digital editions of the game, will provide 3DS and 2DS users with access to Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, which will be downloadable from eShop.


The life sim will be released in Europe and the US on June 6. In it, players become guardians of their Mii characters, ensuring they have enough friends, food and clothing. As in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players can also take screenshots of what their Miis gets up to and share them online.

Welcome Version will enable users to create up to three Mii characters and sample gameplay elements such as feeding, gifting items, or performing in a group. Users will be able to transfer their creations and progress to the full game by purchasing it on eShop or at retail,

Tomodachi Life will be the first game in the series to be released in western territories. The 2009 DS original sold 3.76 million copies in Japan and its April 2013 3DS sequel has moved over 1.8 million copies to date.

Nintendo says of the latest game: "Watch Mii characters of your loved ones come alive in surprising situations, and become the director of their lives as they star in your very own soap opera. Listen to their thoughts, gift them food and items, and try to solve their problems to raise the happiness of your community and unlock more surprises."


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