Free to play PC game FIFA World enters global open beta

EA has kicked off the global open beta for free to play PC game FIFA World.

Developed by EA Canada and dubbed "the authentic FIFA experience", the title boasts HD gameplay akin to the studio's console releases, as well as the popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode, new game types and innovations.

Featuring more than 16,000 players and 600 clubs from over 30 officially licensed leagues, FIFA World is currently available in nine languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Turkish.

Producer Alex Grimbley said in a press release that over 1.5 million fans registered to play the game during the recent limited open beta, and that participants have a big role to play in shaping the end product. A number of FIFA World features are detailed below the following gameplay trailer.

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To complement Seasons, a game mode that allows fans to compete for promotion through 10 divisions, a number of new features have been added through the Limited Open Beta. Accomplishments is designed specifically for FIFA World to reward fans for completing dynamic tasks, based on scenarios from the real world football. In Tournaments, fans challenge AI-controlled clubs and National Teams to progress through a bracket on their way to lifting the cup and earning rewards. Match Invites give fans an opportunity to challenge their friends online for the ultimate bragging rights.

The Social Hub is the center of FIFA World where fans can share, like and comment on game content with their friends. With new content such as Featured Tournaments and Limited Time Accomplishments updated throughout each week, and a real time Transfer Market where fans can manage their in-game items, FIFA World is truly a live game. Built to be enjoyed on average spec laptop computer or desktop personal computers, fans with a broadband internet connection can now play a fun, free, and authentic football game.


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