Filings indicate PS4, PS3 hardware revisions

Likely smaller changes to internal components

PS4 and PS3 hardware revisions could be headed to market soon, if registrations with Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology are being interpreted correctly.

One of the filings is for a Sony computer entertainment system bearing the model number CUH-1106A. The original PS4 bears a model number of CUH-1006A in Asia, indicating a smaller model change such as revised internal hardware rather than a transition along the lines of PS3 Slim (CECH-2001A) to super slim (CECH-4001A), as DualShockers reports.


Another filing for certification attributed to Sony is for a computer entertainment system with model number CECH-4306CH, indicating that the company may be planning to roll out a new version of PS3's super slim hardware.

We've asked Sony to explain what these certifications mean and will update this article with any response. If they're valid, we may have to wait until Sony's E3 2014 media briefing at 6pm PDT on June 9 to hear more.

Sony said last month that PS4 sales topped seven million units between the console's November 2013 launch and April 6.

The company expects PS4, PS3 and PS2 sales to rise from 14.6 million units in the most recent financial year completed to 17 million in the current one.