Steam enables in-home streaming

Transfer from one machine to another mid-play

Valve has enabled in-home streaming on Steam, letting users with multiple PCs on the same network play installed games on any machine.


This allows users with high-powered gaming machines to stream titles to less-powerful living room machines or laptops with minimal effort.

Users can begin streaming by logging into the same account on both computers, allowing them to "remotely install, launch, and play games as though you were sitting at the remote PC."

According to a quote attributed to Dark Souls 2 publisher Bandai Namco Games on Steam's in-home streaming page, players with a proper set-up will "forget the game is running remotely." The games can even be transferred from the host computer to the streaming destination and back in mid-play.

Streaming support is currently available only on Windows. Valve says SteamOS, Linux, and Mac OS X support is "coming soon".

Valve enabled 'Family Sharing' for all Steam users in February, letting customers share their libraries of games among one another with some restrictions.