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Metro Redux unveiled with first gameplay trailer - out 'Summer 2014'

Overhauled shooter package headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Publisher Deep Silver has officially unveiled Metro Redux, the new-gen update of its Metro FPS series, for a release in 'summer 2014'.

Metro Redux, which was first leaked (and subsequently confirmed by Deep Silver) back in March, contains significantly updated versions of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, two post-apocalyptic survival horror shooters released on last-gen consoles in 2010 and 2013 respectively. See the trailer below for your first official look at the updated remakes running on high-end hardware:

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During an unveiling event in LA this month, Deep Silver was keen to point out that Redux is not a simple 1080p port of the original games, but a "true director's cut", re-engineered for modern hardware. Both games will feature vastly improved visuals - particularly in the case of Metro 2033, which has aged since its 2010 release, the publisher admitted - with new gameplay features and content, and all of the original DLC.

Metro 2033 Redux has been rebuilt entirely using the newer and much improved Last Light engine, Deep Silver told CVG at the reveal event. This improves the game's tech overall, but also adds subtle gameplay details that were new to Last Light, such as the ability to wipe blood splatter from your visor.

The originally third-person cutscenes in the first game have been completely redone in a first-person view, bringing it in line with Last Light, and a number of levels have been extended with new sections to 'improve the flow' of the game, according to the publisher.

Deep Silver acknowledged that some fans of the slow, survival-focused pace of Metro 2033 were disappointed with the faster, action-oriented sequel. To remedy this, both games will be graced with two new play options: Survival, for those who liked the slower-paced survival style of Metro 2033, and Spartan, for those who welcomed the faster-paced action of Metro Last Light.

Playing Metro Last Light in Survival mode promises to deliver the style of play from the original. According to Deep Silver, this will mean re-tweaked gameplay, such as rebalanced weapons and ammo and slower reload times among other changes.

Metro Redux will be released at physical retail as a compilation disc for $49.99. The games will also be sold separately via digital channels at $24.99 each, titled Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux.