Nintendo patent may outline Wii Music U

Uses GamePad to isolate ensemble performances

Nintendo may be working on a Wii U successor to Wii Music, according to a US patent application filed by the firm.

The application was filed on April 23 and published on Thursday. Though its title reveals little about the actual purpose of the technology Nintendo is attempting to patent, the claims, background, and illustrations indicate a Wii Music-like setup which uses the GamePad's display and speakers to let players take control of one musician in an ensemble.


9. The non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having stored therein the information processing program according to claim 1, wherein in the generation of the first sound, a sound of performing one composition as an ensemble using a plurality of instruments in the virtual world is generated as the first sound; in the selection of the second sound, a sound of performing the composition with at least one instrument selected from among the plurality of instruments in accordance with a user operation is generated as the second sound; and in the control of outputting the second sound, the second sound of performing the composition is output from the second loudspeaker in synchronization with the performance of the composition output as the first sound from the first loudspeaker.
Therefore, it is an object of an exemplary embodiment to provide a storage medium having stored therein an information processing program capable of a wide variety of sound outputs, and an information processing apparatus, an information processing system, and an information processing method that are capable of a wide variety of sound outputs.

The patent's inventors are listed as Takehiko Hosokawa, who worked on Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Goro Abe, who most recently worked on Game & Wario.

Though Wii Music had a mixed reception and underperformed at retail, creator Shigeru Miyamoto said in 2010 that a new interface could help reach some of the concept's potential.

Nintendo plans to make its E3 announcements at digital event scheduled for June 10.