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PS4 'likely' more profitable than PS2, Sony CEO says

Kaz Hirai expects PS4 to bring in more cash best-selling console

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai expects PS4 to become more profitable than PS2.

In a corporate strategy meeting reported by Impress Watch and translated by Eurogamer, the former head of Sony Computer Entertainment told investors that PS4 will likely outperform the best-selling console of all time.


"It is likely that PS4 will become the platform which exceeds the profits earned with PS2," Hirai said.

About 155 million PlayStation 2 systems were sold in the console's decade-plus lifespan (Nintendo DS nearly caught up before production ceased, with more than 153 million units sold).

Sony expects to sell 17 million PlayStation consoles in its current fiscal year, and PS4 specifically has moved more than 7 million since its launch in November 2013.

On top of strong sales, Sony expects the console's network services to propel its profits. Hirai specified that profits derived from PS4 will likely exceed those of PS2, which means he may not expect it to outperform strictly in units sold.

Sony has forecast a loss for the current business year ending in March 2015.

While the company said on Wednesday that it expects annual sales to rise 0.4 per cent, it also forecast a net loss of 50 billion yen (£290m/$490m) for the 12 month period.