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Among the Sleep hits PC on May 29

PS4 release with Project Morpheus support planned

Among the Sleep, the horror game that puts players in the footed pajamas of a two-year-old, will launch on PC on May 29.

The crowdfunded title will launch on PS4 at a later date with support for the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. Developer Krillbite Studio told Polygon that it is "in dialogues regarding other consoles" but only confirmed the PS4 version.

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In Among the Sleep, players explore a dark house at night and regions beyond with the help of their talking teddy bear. The project raised more than $200,000 via Kickstarter in May 2013.

"Being played in first person, the game let its players immerse themselves in a child's limitless imagination," Krillbite describes. "In the borderland between dream and reality, surreal creatures and diverse environments will present you with both physical and mental obstacles that challenge your creativity."

Sony has not yet announced plans for a public release of the Morpheus headset, but you can see our own Rob Crossley experiment with the device in a video from earlier this month.