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Retro Vault: Out Run 2, Alien vs Predator, The Wizard

Plus: Neighbours and the first mention of Donkey Kong in CVG

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December 2003 - Out Run 2 arcade flyer

Although Sega has released a number of follow-ups to its classic arcade racer Out Run - including Turbo Out Run and Out Runners - it had never deemed any of them the official sequel.

As a result, when Sega's AM2 division got to work on the fifth Out Run game, 17 years after the original title, it was named Out Run 2: an indication that Sega considered this the first 'proper' sequel.

Rather than featuring Ferrari-like cars as in the first game, Out Run 2 actually had the official Ferrari licence, meaning players would whip around corners in Testarossas, 360 Spiders and Enzos.

Aside from the obvious major upgrade in graphics and sound, Out Run 2 offered two major additions to the original's gameplay. The first was a new Heart Attack mode, in which the player's character had to perform race-related tasks given to him by his female companion.

The other, more important change was a new drift handling system letting players chuck their car around corners and slide it satisfyingly between oncoming traffic.

Out Run 2 was greatly praised by fans, and a special version of the game was eventually ported to the Xbox.

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