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Retro Vault: Out Run 2, Alien vs Predator, The Wizard

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October 1994 - Alien vs Predator magazine ad

There have been numerous Alien vs Predator games released over the years but this particular one was barely played by anyone, purely down to the fact it was released on Atari's disastrous Jaguar console.

It's a shame, because at the time it was considered one of the finest FPS games around, with tight gameplay, impressive graphics and genuinely terrifying moments.

Players could take control of either an Alien, a Predator or a Colonial Marine, an idea that was borrowed in later AvP titles. However, while each character naturally has their own strengths and weaknesses, the Jaguar version took this concept a stage further by giving each character completely different gameplay mechanics.

While the Alien character has to use air vents to get around, for example, it also can't heal itself when it gets injured. Instead, it has to find and cocoon marines - when the Alien then dies a new Alien hatches from the marine and the player continues as this new creature.

Predators, meanwhile, can heal themselves with medical kits, and also have the added bonus of being able to turn invisible. However, they also have an honour system which requires them to kill enemies while visibile. If they don't, they lose access to some of their more powerful weapons.

Meanwhile, the marine can heal himself and use air ducts, and is armed with a bumload of weapons, but is still at something of a disadvantage due to his spongey human flesh.

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