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Retro Vault: Out Run 2, Alien vs Predator, The Wizard

Plus: Neighbours and the first mention of Donkey Kong in CVG

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December 1989 - The Wizard trailer

The Wizard was a 1989 movie starring The Wonder Years' Fred Savage, True Romance's Christian Slater and Beau 'Jeff's brother' Bridges.

In it, young Corey (Savage) breaks his mentally challenged brother out of the institution he's being kept in, and the two travel across America in order to enter a video game championship in California.

On the way they team up with a girl called Haley (Jenny Lewis, who would grow up to be a singer-songwriter), and the three get in all sorts of japes and scrapes, while playing loads of Nintendo games along the way and being sure to state their titles very clearly in case anyone watching wants to buy them.

The big selling point for Nintendo fans was the final event in the video game championship, in which players (and the cinema-going public) were shown a brand new game - Super Mario Bros 3 - for the first time ever.

The Wizard was described by some as a 96-minute Nintendo advert, but that would be doing the film a disservice. Its oodles of Nintendo references aside, it's actually a charming little family that's worth watching.

If you decide to give it a whirl, CVG's Chris (when he worked on Nintendo Gamer) and Tamoor recorded an audio commentary for the film which can still be found here - it provides loads of information on the film and the games shown in it, as well as what kids today call 'top bants' or something.

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