Comments of the Week: 'The second most realistic lace tutu I've seen'

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Super Mario Bros. score to be dissected in forthcoming book

"I got 9,999,990. I got it using the Koopa shell glitch. Not much to dissect, really." - beemoh

The musical score, you cheeky sod.

Is Ed Boon teasing a new Mortal Kombat?

"Didn't Ed Boon used to be a staffer at K&VG?" - x68

Nah, that was merely konjekture and spekulation.

Civilization: Beyond Earth shoots for the stars

"it seems to be a celebration of humanity's better aspects. It's about building, culture and progress for me." - Tomgar

"but..... must..... nuke.....Ghandi" - robjd

Two slightly different sides to the story, there.

Review: Wolfenstein The New Order is big and ballsy - but with brains for backup

"Wicked. Might be the first game I play on my 'wife's' brand new laptop (which I encouraged her to spend a bit more on than she intended). 'It's called future proofing, dear'!" - Yogafire

"Of course you need a Geforce GTZ Titan Z to use Microsoft Word, babes."

YouTube to acquire Twitch for $1 billion, says report

"All these companies attempting to act as monopolies is a very bad thing.
With the total means of production and innovation held in a few corporate hands corporations can hold democratically elected governmemts to ransom via threat of economic flight.
Whether it be Pfizer/Astrazenica; Google; Facebook; Amazon or Walmart companies that become so big that they can hold sway without public accountability is wrong and threatens democracy.
What can we do while our elected 'representatives' are in the pockets of big business?" - jodders

Still though, gotta love them Dark Souls playthroughs.

Crytek dev thinks Xbox One and PS4 games 'will quickly run out of RAM'

"The Last Of Us was created on a machine with 512mb ram. A good game is a good game regardless of ram, resolution, FPS..." - budge

Bless you, sir/madam.

GAME set to float on London Stock Exchange

"Mistake in the title, it should say sink." - Drusus

Alright Marty McFly, bide your time.

""Two Reuters sources said to be familiar with the matter said the listing could value the chain at around £400 million"

Being that its game , they'll put that up to £600 million" - martinawatson

Yup, but don't forget if someone buys it with their reward card that's enough to get £5 store credit.

Batman Arkham Knight screenshots show Harley and Batmobile

"That's the second most realistic lace tutu I've ever seen!" - Down with robots

You obviously haven't seen mine. Then... actually, yeah, it'd still be the second.

Night Trap 'will come back,' says creator

"Yeah colour me 'could not give a f**k'" - KK-Headcharge78

Um, I don't think Crayola makes that particular type of crayon.


Wolfenstein The New Order review round-up

"These 'reviews' are defianatley becoming more 'personal opinions' every day.

Reviewers need to take a step back and review objectively, then we will start seeing consistent results again. Currently, more than ever, reviews can no longer be a trusted source of reliable info and objective praise/criticism, therefore, if you feel you may like a game, go out and buy it and see for yourself!" - EvilWaterman

I genuinely can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. Please tell me this is brilliant satire and you do actually know what reviews are.


Goat Simulator to get new map, split screen, fresh goats on June 3

"More Goat Simulator news? Time for more bleating awful puns! I kid you not." - Balladeer


"DLC?!? Can't believe it,the full game was mutton to write home about!" - charliecheswick


"Yeah it'll curry favour with the fans!" - jodders

Pass mark.

"Does C&VG have a feta-sh for goat news?" - Ali_

God, that's the worst one yet. I'm going home.