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The Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn update released

Introduces new zone, class and skill updates, fixes throughout the game

The Elder Scrolls Online's first post-launch content update has been released.

Patch 1.1.2 adds an "expansive adventure zone" to the MMO which, among other things, will feature 12-man trials.


It also introduces class and skill updates, plus fixes throughout the game. You can read the official patch notes here.

Elder Scrolls Online creative director Paul Sage said earlier this week that Zenimax is still aiming to release fresh content for the game every four to six weeks. "We're either in the sixth week or the seventh with this update and I believe our next update is fairly on schedule.

"I think any plan like that can be disrupted if something unforeseen happens. But right now we have the second update lined up and ready to go onto the public test server once we launch Craglorn, and that's coming soon. That'll be the Veteran Dungeon, Crypt of Hearts."

In early May, publisher Bethesda confirmed that the Xbox One and PS4 editions of The Elder Scrolls Online had been delayed by six months. But while the console versions of the game are still planned for release this year, the possibility of a further delay hasn't been ruled out.


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