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Forza 5 Car Pass extended to offer two more car packs

20 more cars to be given to owners of the $50 pass

Forza Motorsport 5's Car Pass has been extended for an additional two months, meaning owners will receive two more car packs for no extra charge.


The Meguiar's Car Pack released early in May was originally scheduled to be the final piece of the $50 car pass, adding 70 new cars in total to the game over its seven-month run. This would represent an 18 percent discount over buying the cars individually, according to Microsoft.

However, the next two packs in the newly extended car pass will each add 10 more cars to the selection, bringing its total contribution up to 90 automobiles.

The first pack will be available on May 30. Turn 10 did not say what cars will be included, though it said details on the next pack after that will arrive in coming weeks. Each pack costs $9.99 on its own.

Forza players looking forward to the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday can try the "Brickyard Legend" weekend challenge, which requires players to complete a race in the Indy 500 multiplayer hopper and drive at least 375 miles in the event.


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