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Titanfall CTF playlist returning to PC version

Matchmaker will widen regional search

Titanfall's Capture the Flag playlist has been re-enabled in the PC version with tweaks to its matchmaking criteria.

Developer Respawn Entertainment said earlier this week that it removed the discrete CTF and Pilot Hunter modes because not enough players were using them, leaving those who did stuck in endless loops of matchmaking.


In an official blog post, Respawn said "less than 1% of the player base was even trying to play CTF". Nevertheless, this is how it will bring CTF back:

"[W]e're introducing a test of even wider region searches. If you're searching for 5 minutes without starting a game, [the matchmaker] will eventually widen your search to include neighboring continents. This means you might end up in a game with a much higher ping than you're used to, but as players pointed out; playing is preferred to not playing at all!"

Titanfall's matchmaking service will start widening its search earlier if it ascertains that no nearby players are in the queue. Respawn said it will be watching this new CTF mode arrangement closely, though it made no mention of bringing back Pilot Hunter mode.

The developer also noted that empty player slots on servers will now indicate if players are connecting, preventing players from jumping ship just before the server would otherwise fill up. It will also begin rebalancing lopsided teams during the lobby countdown.

Titanfall's first paid DLC pack "Expedition" released on PC and Xbox One on May 15.