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Sony banking on PS4 to grow network services

"We have to rigorously pursue install-base numbers," says CEO Kaz Hirai

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has said network services will play an important role in turning around the fortunes of the company's electronics division, and that PS4's success will be key to achieving this aim.

The executive said on Monday that the electronics business will generally aim to prioritise profit over sales volume, although PS4 hardware will be the exception, Reuters reports.


"We have to rigorously pursue install-base numbers," Hirai told reporters. "The biggest driver for our network business will be the PlayStation 4," he said, noting that an improved network business would act as a key growth driver for the wider company.

"The network is becoming increasingly important for our other businesses, too. Our TVs have video-on-demand and Music Unlimited. PlayStation Now will be launched on Bravia TVs next," Hirai said.

"It was the same with the Walkman. It's rare for a product to not have an affinity with a network and so it's becoming the assumption that all products, not just games, will be connected to a network."

In mid-May, Sony posted a significant loss for the financial year ended March 31 2014, while also forecasting another loss for the current business year.

Following the company's disappointing results, it was announced that key executives would take a pay cut by forgoing their annual bonuses.

Sony said last month that PS4 sales topped seven million units between the console's November 2013 launch and April 6.


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