Video: 8 Things To Do In Watch Dogs Before You Die

In case you haven't read our Watch Dogs review yet, we think it's rather spiffing.

"Forget speculation about textures and framerates," we suggested - nay - demanded, "Watch Dogs is a bona fide next-gen proposition with a wonderfully told tale at its heart."

It isn't just the main story we like about Watch Dogs either, it's all the extra tidbits you can see and do along the way.

With that in mind, we've put together this little video showing off some of the more humorous stuff you can (and should) experience before your time with Watch Dogs comes to a natural end.

Whether it's causing car crashes with your l33t h@xx0r skillz or spying on Aisha Tyler and realising she doesn't actually have anything too interesting to say, this video should show that there's more to Watch Dogs than walking moodily through Chicago while wearing something like 30 layers of clothing.

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