A needlessly detailed look at the Mario Kart 8 limited edition set

We couldn't be happier. Mario Kart 8 is out tomorrow and we've been spending all week dreaming about jamming blue shells up our rivals' exhaust pipes.

Getting the game isn't just as simple as heading to your nearest gaming boutique at the week's end and forking over 45 greenbacks, though: there are two different versions of Mario Kart 8 on sale.

One is your standard copy of the game, complete with box, disc, Club Nintendo code (which you need to claim your free Wii U game) and not much else - though for most people, that'll be more than enough.

For the most dedicated of Nintendo fans there's also a special limited edition version, which comes in a bigger box and contains a blue shell statue.

If you still can't decide which version to get, we've managed to get our hands on one of the limited edition versions and have decided to show you exactly what you get inside it.

Come with us, dear reader, on a visual-literal journey through the Mario Kart 8 limited edition collector's box.