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Journey studio hopes next project will prove artistic games profitable

That Game Company brings in $7 million in venture capital

That Game Company announced Tuesday that it had brought in $7 million from investors, the second round of venture capital funding for the independent studio behind Journey.

Journey, Flower, and Fl0w were made under a three-game contract from Sony, providing the studio with funds to produce non-traditional games with progressively higher production values. But the studio has said it wants to release its next project "on as many platforms as possible", ruling out further exclusive partnerships.


Studio manager Sunni Pavlovic told The Verge that positive responses to Journey convinced the team that it should go bigger for its first fully independent project, not smaller. The studio's artistic, emotive titles fall outside the typical interests of most venture capital, but Pavlovic told The Verge that could change if this project is successful.

"The financiers are going where the money is," Pavlovic told The Verge. "If this next project proves that emotionally engaging, artistic, and accessible games can be moneymakers, then the industry as a whole will see a whole lot more of these types of games developed and released by many more studios."

That Game Company had secured $5.6 million in funding following the release of Journey.

Pavlovic did not address when the studio will reveal its upcoming project; That Game Company founder Jenova Chen said in February that fans will "hopefully" hear about it this year.