Watch Dogs PC version unplayable for some

Ubisoft says Uplay connection issues are to blame

Uplay authentication issues are preventing some players from accessing the PC version of Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft said on Twitter that issues with its authentication services are prompting long delays for players trying to log in to the game. A few hours later, it added that it's "still working" on a fix for the issues.


Though the console versions of Watch Dogs are integrated with the Uplay service, PC players must access the game directly through the Ubisoft's service. Kotaku reports that some players are unable to download the game at all, while others have not encountered any difficulties.

The open-world action title went gold earlier this month after five-and-a-half years in development. It was originally planned as a PS4 and Xbox One launch window game, but in October 2013 Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs to spring 2014 due to quality concerns.

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