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Battlefield 4 adds Battlepack microtransactions

Purchase random accessory, booster packs for real cash

Players can now buy Battlefield 4 Battlepacks with real cash on top of earning them in multiplayer battles.

The packs, which could formerly be purchased only with currency earned in-game, include a random assortment of weapon accessories, XP boosts, paints, and other items. Developer DICE made the announcement on the game's official blog Monday.


Bronze Battlepacks will be available for $1, Silver for $2, and Gold for $3; more expensive packs offer access to more items of higher quality, though their actual contents are left to chance. The packs appear to be on offer separate of the paid Battlefield Premium service, and weapon-specific Weapon Packs are not currently for sale.

The microtransaction scheme closely resembles that of Mass Effect 3, which let players earn or purchase random item packs in its multiplayer mode.

Starting on Tuesday, PlayStation Plus subscribers can receive 20 free hours of access to Battlefield 4 on PS3.