Here's how Mario Kart 8's YouTube uploader works

As I write this, Mario Kart 8 is TWO days away.

That's two days before the western world can get its hands on what may just be the finest Mario Kart game yet (Japan gets it a day early, boooo).

One of my favourite features of the game is its replay uploading feature. Because it's possibly the most beautiful game Nintendo's ever made, the replays in Mario Kart 8 are pretty stunning so the ability to share them is brilliant.

Even more surprising is the ability to upload replays directly to YouTube through the game itself with no "Xbox, record that" shenanigans necessary.

I decided to try the feature out last night to show you how it looks. Playing through a 150cc Grand Prix, I completed a race on the Cloudtop Cruise track and was then given the option to watch a replay.


The replays are automated but they can be tweaked via a menu which lets you set parameters - who the replay focuses on, how long it lasts, what sort of action it shows (drifts, item attacks and the like).

Once you're happy with your replay you then get the option to upload it to YouTube. After signing in with your Google account (you only need to do this once) the video stars uploading.

Conveniently, while it's doing this, you're given the option to share it on Miiverse too. This lets you pass the time waiting for it to upload by writing your Miiverse message, or using the stamps you unlock by playing through the game. You can see the one I posted above.

Once your upload is complete it then starts processing on YouTube, while you can continue playing the game. After a couple of minutes it's then available on YouTube for all to see.

Here's how the finished video looks, so you can see what the quality's like. You can change the title before uploading, but the default one for this video was 'Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - Cloudtop Cruise'. And, as my Miiverse post suggests, listen out for the Galaxy music at the end of the clip.

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