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Take a tour of THQ's abandoned headquarters

We're more than a year into the post-THQ era, and most of the gaming world has moved on. Saints Row 4 came, boggled, and went; South Park: The Stick of Truth probed our hearts; and Darksiders 3 may yet evade death.

But one part hasn't changed a bit since the more than twenty-year-old publisher closed its doors: its physical headquarters. At least, that's how it appears from the series of images posted Wednesday by Reddit user Soulessgingr, who says his company purchased the building and all remaining materials.

The THQ logo adorns the wall, a Space Marine statue wielding a Bolter pistol keeps its vigil, Darksiders 2 posters glow under purpose-built lighting, and a trophy case full of awards remains apparently untouched.

The long wall filled with THQ's releases gave us the most pause. Taped up alongside titles like Darksiders and Saints Row 2 are the forgotten troves of Spongebob tie-ins, veterinarian fantasies, and Wii party games which were THQ's bread and butter for years; an unflinching obituary.

We'll assume uDraw is just out of frame.