Battlefield Hardline video was 6 months old, Visceral says

More info coming on June 9, possibly some before then

Those who saw the leaked Battlefield Hardline footage before it was pulled down should look forward to a stronger showing at E3, according to Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis.

Papoutsis took to Twitter after the leak, saying that it wasn't how the studio wanted to reveal the game but it would make the best of the situation.

He said he was looking forward to showing how far the game had come since then at EA's press conference on June 9 - though the studio may share "even a little more before then if you want it".


The leaked Battlefield Hardline video revealed a lot of information about the cops-and-crooks themed shooter.

The campaign story follows Nick Mendoza, a young Miami detective who is "caught in his own personal struggle between right and wrong". Nick is a former cop who embarks on a cross-country quest to get revenge on his ex-police partners who backstabbed him.

Players will be able to destroy their environments and compete in modes ranging from bank heists gone wrong to extended car chases.

The first details on Battlefield Hardline were leaked on Tuesday night, forcing EA to come out and officially confirm the game shortly afterwards.