ShopTo selling PS4 for under £300

Limited number of new consoles available for reduced price via retailer's eBay outlet

ShopTo is currently offering new PS4 consoles for £299.99, representing a £50 / 14% discount on its regular £349.99 price.

The retailer has a limited number of consoles available for the reduced price via its eBay outlet. At the time of writing, 385 units have been sold, including 11 in the past hour.


TechRadar points out that the offer is £49 cheaper than at Tesco, Amazon or Argos, and £45 cheaper than at Zavvi. Asda is offering PS4 for £329 when buyers use the voucher code 'console' to reduce the display price by £20.

Sony said last month that PS4 sales stood at seven million units as of April 6, while Microsoft reported in late April that Xbox One shipments totalled five million units. Both platforms launched in November 2013.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced plans to release Xbox One without Kinect for the first time. Beginning on June 9, in all markets where Xbox One is sold, the company will offer the console without the motion sensor starting at £349 / $399.


Sony banking on PS4 to grow network services

"We have to rigorously pursue install-base numbers," says CEO Kaz Hirai