Quantum Break release confirmed for 2015 with new gameplay trailer

"Time amplified action gameplay" to be shown for the first time in August

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Quantum Break will launch in 2015.

First unveiled at the Xbox One reveal event in May 2013, Quantum Break is a third-person, story-driven cover shooter with time-manipulation mechanics.

In the video below, which features fresh gameplay footage, Remedy creative director Sam Lake says the studio plans to publicly demo key gameplay elements this August. "I'm very excited to tell you that we'll be presenting Quantum Break's time amplified action gameplay for the first time ever at Gamescom."

The Quantum Break universe is comprised of an episodic action game and an episodic TV thriller which will ship in one package.

"The game is about heroes and the show is about villains," Lake says. "In the game you play Jack Joyce, in a desperate fight to stop the fracture that threatens to cause the end of time. In the show, in the style of an edgy modern TV series, you follow the schemes and power plays inside Monarch, the corporation that is Jack's main enemy.

"We are working hard to bring you an entertainment experience that is like no other."

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Microsoft says in-game player choices will be reflected in a personalised version of the live action TV show, while the show will provide insights that influence how the game is played and aid the discovery of new content. According to the official blurb:

The game follows Quantum Break's hero, Jack Joyce, as he desperately struggles to prevent the end of time, while the show revolves around the conspiracies and intrigue within the villainous corporation called Monarch Solutions, Jack's main enemy. Together, they form an intertwining narrative where the actions you take directly impact how the story across both the game and the show unfolds.


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