Dragon Quest VIII launches on iOS, Androd devices

Mobile version of the PS2 game priced at £13.99/€17.99

Square Enix has released Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King on iOS and Android devices.

Originally released for PS2 almost ten years ago in Japan, in 2005 in North America, and the following year in Europe, Dragon Quest VIII is the most successful game in the 62 million-selling series. The iOS and Android release is priced at £13.99/€17.99 in Europe.

"The game is perfectly suited as a tremendous value for mobile and tablet as a full 60-plus hour console game with an epic tale of friendship, bravery and adventure," says Noriyoshi Fujimoto, producer of the mobile version. "In particular, we have put a lot of effort and ingenuity into making the control scheme comfortable to play with."


A long, long time ago, a sceptre with extraordinary magical powers was created. For many a year it slumbered safely confined within a castle. But then came the twisted jester known as Dhoulmagus. He broke the seal protecting the sceptre, awakening its terrifying powers and unleashing a foul curse upon the kingdom. Time froze as enchanted vines enveloped the castle and everyone within. The king and the princess found themselves changed by vile magic into strange new forms. Only one person escaped the curse unscathed: you! So begins your quest to restore the stricken kingdom and rescue its hapless inhabitants!


  • Controls: Players have access to smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls and a customisable user interface. The in-game directional button is also customisable, allowing one-handed (or two-hand) play.
  • Battles: Reworked combat system allows for one-tap turn-based battles as well as more complex play. Players can choose an in-game battle strategy to move their character and parties automatically during battles; players also have direct control of their characters and parties during battles.
  • Auto Run Mode: As the fields are vast, players now have the option to auto-run through boundless environments.
  • Monster Recruit: Monsters inhabiting the game can be recruited into the player's party.
  • Alchemy Pot: This pot allows players to mix various products in order to create new, stronger items.

Platforms supported:

  • iOS: iOS6.0 or later. Supported devices: iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone5c, iPhone5s, iPad2, iPad (3rd or 4th gen), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina Display. It is recommended for play on iPhone5 or later or iPad 3rd gen or later. It cannot be guaranteed that this product will work on devices other than those listed above. Please be aware that this product will not work on iPhone4.
  • Android: Devices operating Android 4.0 or later. *Not supported on some Android devices