Video: Meet Enemy Front's World War II correspondent

A new trailer for Enemy Front sets up the story of war correspondent Robert Hawkins and his participation in the Polish resistance during World War II.

The trailer shows cinematic moments from across the game interspersed with scenes of first-person action and sniping.

The game follows American war correspondent Robert Hawkins as he joins up with Polish partisans to fight the Nazi occupation, eventually participating in the ill-fated Warsaw Uprising.

CI Games says players will have the liberty to plan their approaches as they see fit, using stealth and taking hostages to surgically strike enemy forces or attack with a frontal assault. Enemy Front's open-ended levels are powered by CryEngine 3, as shown in a previous trailer.

Enemy Front will release on June 10 in the US and June 13 in Europe on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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