War Thunder hits North American PS4 on June 3

F2P title released in Europe in November

Historical air combat game War Thunder will hit PS4 in North America on June 3.

The free-to-play online game debuted in beta form on PC in November 2012, where it transitioned to the final version before receiving a PS4 port in Europe in November 2013.


Gaijin Entertainment announced on the PlayStation Blog that the North American version of War Thunder will release with the Ground Forces expansion built in, letting players take control of tanks and anti-air weaponry on certain maps.

The current version of the game features 350 planes, 150 multiplayer missions, and host of single-player campaigns and scenarios. Gaijin said it's "preparing something special for PS4 players" to reward them for their patience.

Access to the game's online multiplayer does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

War Thunder released via OnLive's CloudLift subscription service earlier this month, letting players access the game from supported TVs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Gaijin says the game has more than 6 million players worldwide.