Video: Surreal stealth game Tangiers continues to spook

Bristol based indie startup Andalusian has released the latest trailer for its eerie stealth game Tangiers.

As emphasised in the video below, key to the game's appeal is its distinct audio and visual presentation. Though in gameplay terms Tangiers takes an approach similar to Thief, it stands apart by presenting abstract and unbelievable worlds.

According to its lead developer Alex Harvey, the world of Tangiers "cuts up and reassembles itself in response to the players actions".

He adds: "It's a world where you can steal language from the air and use it to further your goals. Play as a ghost through the shadows or stalking predator, the game gives a sandbox experience strongly influenced by the classic immersive sim games."

In August 2013, Andalusian launched a Kickstarter for Tangiers, pledging to develop the game for PC, and sought £35,000 in funding. The outcome was a success, witht the indie studio raising £42,000 for the project.

Take a look at the new trailer below.

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