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Plus: SNES price protests and the Colecovision

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November 1983 - ColecoVision ad (CVG issue 25)

Atari may have been the leading name in home video game systems in the early '80s, but ColecoVision was arguably the best console of its era.

Far more powerful than the Atari 2600, the ColecoVision was released in August 1982 and offered ports that were much closer to the original arcade versions.

In order to show this off, Coleco arranged a deal with Nintendo to bundle a copy of Donkey Kong with every ColecoVision console. This was the days before Nintendo had released its own console in the west, mind.

The initial sales were impressive, with the console hitting half a million sales in its first four months, but by the time this ad was printed in CVG more than a year after its release sales had slown down drastically.

Roughly over 2 million ColecoVisions were sold in total, with Coleco bowing out of the video game market in 1985. It's a shame - we'd have loved to have seen what it would have done with a follow-up system.

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