Pikmin 3 gets new GamePad touch control scheme

Update adds improved options for stylus wielders

Nintendo has patched a new stylus-based default control option into Pikmin 3, letting players direct the explorers and their walking vegetable allies with the GamePad touch screen.

Players can tap on the tablet to switch between characters, navigate around the world, and toss Pikmin around the environment, Polygon reports. The new control scheme also adds more buttons for easy access to characters' gear and tactical commands.


Pikmin 3 originally used the GamePad for hosting cutscenes and navigating menus or maps. This left players to control their characters and armies of Pikmin with the thumbsticks and face buttons, though Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls were also supported. Players can switch back to the original mode in-game by accessing the options menu.

The change addresses one of the main criticisms in our Pikmin 3 review: "The throwaway nature of its GamePad integration doesn't prevent Pikmin 3 from being Nintendo's best HD single-player experience to date, but it does mean that the wait for the definitive Wii U title goes on."

Nintendo began offering extra Mission Mode stages as paid DLC for the game in October, saying more post-release content for the game is in the works.