Video: The Order 1886's cinematic aspirations

The Order 1886 game director Dana Jan details his studio's focus on seamless cinematicism in a new video interview published by Sony.

The PS4 exclusive is set in an alternate history that mixes Victorian-era London with strange science and mythological monsters. Jan said new-gen processing power was key to blurring the line between cinematic moments and third-person combat.

"The PS4 was an interesting machine to start working on," Jan said in the video. "It gave us the ability to do what we thought was kind of lacking in previous gen, which was really crossing the boundary of believable characters in a video game."

Ready at Dawn used performance capture, complete with custom head-mounted rigs, for all animations in the game - from dashing around in battle to subtle expressions in quieter moments.

"We're really getting close to being able to get out of the uncanny valley and let people see these characters emote and speak and feel in a way where you don't feel like it's a game any more," Jan said.

Sony announced on Tuesday that The Order 1886 had slipped from its original 2014 launch window into 2015.

You can read more in our hands-on and interview with The Order 1886 from earlier in May.

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