Luigi takes this Mario Kart business seriously

It might be all fun and games to you but he's not messing around

Mario Kart 8 came out on Friday and, judging by the weekly chart sales figures, there's a good chance the Wii U owners among you spent the weekend enjoying it.

While we have no doubt Nintendo is delighted by this news, not everyone at the company has a smile on their face.

Yes, we're talking about Luigi. Having recently enjoyed the spotlight with 2013's Year of Luigi festivities, Mario's brother has been relegated to supporting character status again, and he's PISSED.

Luigi is clearly treating Mario Kart 8 as an excuse to get revenge on the other Mushroom Kingdom characters who have started ignoring him again since the Year of Luigi ended, and he's deadly serious about it.

Here's a selection of clips shared on NeoGAF that scream one thing: when you're on the track and Luigi is there too, keep your distance.

Warning: second video contains colourful language.

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Mind you, he isn't completely mean-spirited all the time. There's one thing that makes Luigi smile, albeit briefly. After that, it's serious business again:

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We're curious to know what the other Mushroom Kingdom residents think of this meaner, nastier Luigi and the awkward atmosphere he's creating on the racetrack.

We have the feeling a lot of them are a little intimidated by his new 'I hate you all' personality. But there's at least one Mario chum who isn't going to take this lying down, and is ready to give as good as he gets: