Mario Kart 8 Inside Track Ep. 4: Beatbox winners revealed, key MK8 tips

Should an EMP blast triggered by evil, vegetable-powered, machines ever rid the world of the Internet, electricity or intelligent fridge freezers, rest assured that humanity would be able to recreate the key noises from a lap of Mario Kart 8 with shuddering accuracy, as you can see in this week's episode of Mario Kart 8 The Inside Track.

In our final episode, we reveal the winners of our Mario Kart 'Beat Box' competition - the 'starting grid' impression is freakishly impressive, by the way - and show off new Mario Kart 8 gameplay footage. We explain how the online mode works, and reveal our (dismal) current global ranking.

The team reminisce about their first time playing Mario Kart and explain how Mario Kart' 8s cast of characters has changed since the 16-bit days of SuperMario Kart on the SNES. Clue: a lot.

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