Fable Anniversary headed to PC

Fable Anniversary will be getting a PC release, according to a 'teaser' video from developer Lionhead.

"Since launching Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360, we've been inundated with requests to bring the game to PC..." reads the video description.

The video goes on to show a barrage of requests for news on a PC version of the game before concluding with what is clearly a Steam notification that reads: "HeroOfOakvale is now playing Fable Anniversary."

The not-so-subtle hint more or less confirms that the remake, which was released for Xbox 360 in February 2014, will be coming to the PC format. Although no further details were announced, we expect a release date and pricing to emerge from a more formal announcement soon.

Fable Anniversary is an enhanced remake of the first Fable game, which featured new Achievements, leaderboards, an updated save system, and full 1080p visuals with lighting and animation powered by Unreal Engine 3.

In our Fable Anniversary review, we said: "Stunted, bitty world design and cut and paste quests drain the colour from one of gaming's most vivid worlds. Dig out the sequels instead."

Here's the video:

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