Naughty Dog working on new project on 'the scale of Uncharted'

Co-president Evan Wells confirms 'significant' new title in the works

Naughty Dog has another major new unannounced title in the works, co-president Evan Wells has announced.

Speaking with Game Informer in a recent interview, Wells said the new project was 'in the very early stages' of development, and likened it in scale to Uncharted - a flagship PlayStation series.


"We've got the Uncharted project, which we've talked about, we've got DLC for The Last of Us, and we've got the remastered version [of The Last of Us]. We've got other projects in the works that are in the very early stages," Wells confirmed during the interview. "We have at least four different pretty significant things going on right now."

Wells later elaborated on the scale of the new project. "We definitely have another project on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages. We have the sizable team that it takes to get something like that off of the ground, but it's got a long runway in front of it.

"We have a lot of great ideas and some stuff that is already getting everybody jazzed and excited. So, it's a long way off before we can really start talking about it in detail."

In the same interview, Wells and Naughty Dog's other co-president Christophe Balestra confirmed that The Last of Us directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann have been charged with leading development of the new Uncharted game for PS4 following the departure of long-time Uncharted director Amy Hennig.

"They are excited as veterans of the Uncharted franchise to take the responsibility and they're doing great," said Wells.

"It was not a difficult transition at all. Everybody just sort of accepted that as the new order of things and soldiered on. I mean we've been making enormous progress. If anything, things are accelerating instead of slowing down," he added.

The new Uncharted game was announced for PS4 in November 2013, just ahead of the PS4's US and EU launches. A teaser for the game was shown during Spike TV's PlayStation 4 launch event, showing a map, with the voice of an unknown character promising to take revenge for being "lost for 15 years" and left "rotting in a hell hole".