EA releases first NHL 15 new-gen screenshot

EA Sports has released the first screenshot of the Xbox One and PS4 version of NHL 15.

The screen shows Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks, seemingly getting ready to go into a face-off with an opponent.

EA Sports has previously said it has utilised the added power of the new consoles to give its latest ice hockey sim a significant boost in physics tech.

"For the first time in any sports game, real-world physics affects every player through every on-ice collision with the new 12 Player NHL Collision Physics.

"Utilizing the power of the next generation consoles, and building off the critically-acclaimed NHL Collision Physics system, every player on the ice is governed by physics at all times."


The puck itself has also been given a tech upgrade. "Completely rebuilt puck physics result in a more realistic feel to every puck interaction." explains EA. "Everything on the ice, including the ice surface itself, is live which leads to the unpredictable and authentic puck spins, rolls and bounces seen in a real NHL game."

The title is set for release in September on new-gen consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3.