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PS4 update 1.71 'coming soon'

Sony says it "will improve software stability of some features"

PS4 update 1.71 is to launch "soon", according to Sony. [UPDATE: It has now been released.]

The platform holder says the update "will improve software stability of some features".


The much anticipated PS4 system update 1.7 was released in late April. The biggest of the update features was the introduction of SHAREFactory, a free video editing suite that lets players edit gameplay clips before sharing.

Other highlights included an 'HDCP off' option which lets players stream gameplay footage through HDMI using a capture card, and the ability to automatically pre-download PS4 games up to several days prior to release so that they're ready to go at launch.

Sky and Sony will launch PS4 support for Now TV and Sky Go in the UK later this year.


PS4 to add Sky Go and Now TV support this year

Delayed Xbox One Now TV app will also launch this summer