Ultra Street Fighter 4 week 1 PSN purchases include free costume pack

Download now to receive the 2014 Challengers Costume Pack

Capcom has announced that first week purchases of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PSN will come with the 2014 Challengers Costume Pack for free.

The latest iteration in the Street Fighter 4 series is officially released today as a digital upgrade on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Games Store.


Those that already own Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition can download the new content for €14.99 / £11.99. The complete Ultra Street Fighter 4 digital bundle will be released on August 8 for €29.99 / £19.99.

On Steam, the Ultra digital upgrade and full digital release will both also be available from August 8, for €14.99 / £11.99 and €29.99 / £19.99 respectively.

The all-in-one retail version will arrive for PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 5, along with a digital bundle for PS3. Both the upgrade and bundle will hit Steam on August 8.

On top of new characters and tweaks, the new version of Street Fighter IV will let players access battle logs for offline matches and play in training mode while waiting for online battle requests.


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