OlliOlli will be Cross-Buy across Vita, PS3, PS4 in July

June updates to fix crash bug, add leaderboards

Owners of rhythm skateboarding game OlliOlli for PS Vita will receive access to the PS3 and PS4 versions for free when they launch in July, developer Roll7 confirmed Tuesday.

Roll7 announced in April that the title, which released on Sony's handheld in January, would also hit PC, PS3, and PS4 though it did not confirm Cross-Buy support at the time. Its expanded release is planned for July 22.


CVG's OlliOlli review observed that "while a class act on Vita, OlliOlli feels like it was born for PS4" as "only a share button can satisfy that compulsion to flaunt your harmonic mastery of its assault courses."

A patch intended to correct a rare game-crashing bug on Vita and should roll out before June 20. Another update planned for June will add expanded leaderboards to the game, letting users compare their scores across stages and events to friends and worldwide contenders.

Roll7 also teased that it plans to reveal a "sexy little exclusive" for its upcoming Vita shooter Not a Hero at E3 next week.