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PS4 was 'great redemption' for Jack Tretton

Former SCEA head discusses 19 years at Sony

Former Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton has said the PS4's success gave him the vindication he needed to retire from the company after PS3's early struggles.

In his first interview since his departure from Sony at the end of March, Tretton admitted to GamesIndustry International that he "did want to go out on top."


"I spent 19 years with Sony and enjoyed it very much, but my original plan was three years and it just continued to get extended as the company was successful and I was successful," Tretton said. "It just got to the point, especially with the success of PlayStation 4, that I'd done just about everything I could for them and I really wanted an opportunity to be more of a free agent as opposed to being dedicated to one platform and one company."

Tretton's first post-Sony move was to join the advisory board of Genotaur, a startup company that works in artificial intelligence and human-computer interfaces with an emphasis on gaming. It plans to have a prototype in consumers' hands by the end of the year.

Tretton says he would like to work with several smaller companies in mobile and other non-traditional areas of the gaming industry rather than sign up with one of his former competitor: he has "done the big company dedicated console experience and [...] enjoyed it."

"The high point was that it was great to be part of establishing the PlayStation brand and really going into a very competitive market with Nintendo and Sega really splitting the market, and Sony having zero shelf space and very limited heritage in gaming to ultimately establishing that brand and bringing them to a leadership position.

"The most challenging time I think was establishing PlayStation 3 and establishing Blu-ray technology and the financial challenges that went along with the PS3. But that's where PlayStation 4 was such a great redemption. Figuring everything out and making that platform such a success quite frankly contributed to me being more comfortable with getting on to the rest of my career."