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Wii Sports Club boxing and baseball mini-games dated

Boxed version of the title featuring all five sports also due in July

Nintendo has announced that it will be adding the boxing and baseball mini-games to Wii Sports Club on June 26 in North America and June 27 in Europe.

The publisher also confirmed that a boxed version of Wii Sports Club, containing unlimited access to all five sports, will be released on July 11 in Erope and July 25 in the US.


Baseball will have improved Wii MotionPlus controls for batting, with the GamePad used for pitching and catching the ball.

Boxing, meanwhile, will allow players to use two Wii MotionPlus controllers for extra punching accuracy, and will also feature a number of training mini-games.

The downloadable HD remake of Wii Sports was released in late 2013 with only tennis and bowling initially included.

Golf was added in December 2013, but the game has gone six months without the final two sports.

Nintendo has now confirmed they will both be added on the same date, with the game's standard pay-as-you-play pricing scheme extending to accommodate the new additions.

Players who download Wii Sports Club (including those who have downloaded it before) will have free access to all five sports for a 48-hour trial period.

After that, players can pay £1.79 to access all five sports for 24 hours, or can purchase infinite access to individual sports for £8.99.


Wii Sports Club screenshots show baseball and boxing

New sports expected to be added by July, when a retail edition of the game will launch in Japan