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5 poorly handled E3 game reveals

Based on famous battles that actually took place...

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Sony's 2006 E3 conference was notoriously bad, but at the bottom of the pile was the reveal of Genji: Days of the Blade. The game was described as being "based on history" and would depict "famous battles that actually took place in ancient Japan." It was all going relatively well until Mr. Developer Man said, "here's a giant enemy crab."

After a po-faced pitch of a game based on Japanese history and famous battles that actually took place he casually introduced an oversized crustacean onto the battlefield. We had an extensive look on Google, there were no important battles against giant crabs in Japanese history, or folklore for that matter.

The worst part of the Genji demonstration was that even Mr. Developer Man was struggling to wrap his head around it. Notice that he tries to cover up the ridiculousness with some loud throat-clearing, he knows something's not right. Not a very strong debut for Genji or the PS3 at all.

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