Tetris Ultimate announced for Xbox One, PS4, PC

Ubisoft promises "the evolution of the world's most-loved puzzle game"

Ubisoft has announced a new Tetris game to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original.

Tetris Ultimate will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and Ubisoft claims it will be "the evolution of the world's most-loved puzzle game".

The game will allow 1-4 players to take part in six different gameplay modes: Marathon, Endless, Ultra, Sprint, Battle and Power-Up Battle.

Players will also be able to team up with friends or create 'battle teams' to compete with others online.

Built-in social feeds will allow you to keep track of your friends' performance. If they beat your score you will be able to download and watch a replay of their performance to study where they went right.

There will also be online leaderboards, an official Tetris ranking system and the option to play by Tetris Championship Rules "to see where you place among the most elite players".

Tetris Ultimate will be released this autumn, and will be a digital download only.

Recently, The Tetris Company confirmed that Tetris has been downloaded on mobile devices more than 425 million times.

The Game Boy version also sold 35 million copies, roughly half of Tetris' total retail sales.


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